The Lord’s Call to the Funeral Ministry!


I have been praying about a new ministry I believe the Lord is leading me to… the issue of how to share with our loved ones; family, friends, and acquaintances during the season of a death in the family.  I have heard many testimonies from the saints of God concerning how horrible most lost loved ones treat us because of our faith in our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is in this spirit that I believe the Lord has led me, and the saints have encouraged me. to consider a new ministry for His glory.  The ministry of preaching a Gospel message to your lost family members during your funeral or another saint of God within your family or circle of friends.  Many times unfortunately a family will make a decision to ‘hire’ someone from a local church or appoint someone who will speak smooth things at a funeral which just comfort the lost about themselves and their spiritual condition never warning anyone to flee the wrath to come.

I see this ministry operating in this manner:

1.  You will need to contact me with your personal information, some background, the point of contact who had agreed and that will notify me of your death and request for my services at your funeral.

2.  Having a power point presentation with your final witness to them, announcements, brochures, etc prepared ahead of time would be very helpful.

3.  Unlike my final preach at my grandmother’s funeral, I will be wearing a formal suit.

4.  I will not compromise the Gospel in any way.  I will ask the listeners if they knew the deceased as a religious man or woman. I will make the points that there is only one true religion following Christ and abiding in Him.  I will then make a comparison between the forgiven saint of God and the sinner who is still in rebellion to God.  I will ask the listeners to compare themselves to the doctrines that Jesus taught.

5.  I would like to do training on one2one witnessing with any godly family members or friends before the funeral.   It would be ideal to have a reception after the funeral to give time for condolences, encouragements, and exhortations unto life in Christ.

6.  I am willing to make the commitment to come to any funeral in the lower 48 states bearing half the expense of the travel and lodging.  I am willing to come to any funeral in KY, TN, OH, VA, and NC at my own expense.  Of course, if you are led to donate funds for part or all of the entire trip that would be helpful.  But, I don’t want anyone to have the impression that I am doing this for money at all.  Any trips to AK, HI or overseas must be fully funded by the family making the request.

7.  If you would like my uncompromising services at your funeral or that of a loved one, please email me at or call 270-378-4825  Thank you!  I would also encourage any of the Holy Ghost filled saints to offer this ministry as well.  You are welcome to use my ideas to get started.  If you have some unique things you think would be edifying please let me know your thoughts.  May God bless you!

Ps 116:15
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.


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  1. Praise God! This ministry will definitely fill a void. I will be asking my husband to contact you in the event something happens to me. I have always wondered where I could find a faithful believer to preach my funeral without compromise.


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