Two Prayers and Two Labors for the Lord!


Over a year ago, I began to pray fervently in earnest about two big issues in my life.  One was the Holy Spirit’s conviction that I needed to do more to support native missionaries, widows, and orphans overseas where they are in desperate poverty.  I had a vision eight years ago that the Lord wanted me to care for widows and orphans but putting them together in a type of symbiotic relationship.  We would have Christian widows care for the children.  The children would give them beautiful purposes fulfilling God’s will for them.  The widows would oversee and teach the children fulfilling their God ordained role as teachers and of being keepers at home.  Sadly, the American system of foster care is sorely lacking with many motivated by the greed, instead of being motivated by love for the children.  So, I have been constrained in seeing this direction coming to fruition. We considered overseas adoption, but again many times the system is corrupted by greed and is very costly per child.  The Lord had put upon my heart to see this vision fulfilled overseas where the children were born and should be raised in their native culture and language. I was raised for about five years in a Christian children’s home in the ’60’s.  They taught us God’s Word and raised us in a pretty good environment.

Secondly, I needed employment which would provide provision for my family as our bills have swollen to the point of financially breaking even month to month with our income vs. expenditures, though we live very frugally.  Here are some additional parameters which I was bringing before the Lord concerning my job:  1. I prayed the job I would do would have such an abundance that I could give very generously in regards to the first prayer of overseas missions.  2.  I was earnestly seeking good work that would not bring a shame upon the Gospel.  3.  I would not have to support or work in an ungodly environment.          4.  I could even share my faith as the Lord directed.  5.  Flexibility of my schedule that I could take a day or two off a week to preach, and if I was desired to preach week long events like Mardi Gras I would be able to do that as well.


As I began to seek the Lord about the first prayer searching the internet I found a great ministry to support native missionaries, widows, and orphans.




I was very encouraged by the site and decided I should email the founder before proceeding with support.  When I emailed him I asked are the people involved with their ministry believing or being taught the true Gospel?  My poignant question struck a chord in his heart so much that he sought to find out what I meant by my question.  He began to check into our ministries and he came under great conviction by the Holy Spirit in watching the doctrinal and open air preaching videos.  Praise God, Jimmy humbled himself and began to believe in what God teaches concerning actual holiness, obedience to the Gospel, preaching, etc.  Our correspondence and contact over the last year led to a very good online relationship.  He was seeking the Lord about open air preaching and was ministering good doctrine online.  In November, he asked if I could help a godly family move down to FL to join him in fellowship.  The Lord immediately confirmed I should go with my son and help them with the transition down.  We had a whirlwind five days together, preaching, praying, praising, seeing a young man named Joshua surrender to Christ, baptism and other great times together.  It was during this short visit that I thought to ask Jimmy what he did for a living as I really didn’t know or understand how he provided for himself.  I knew that he once had great riches of this world that he almost completely destroyed himself with before he was born again six years ago.  Well, he explained that he had run an independent telecom consulting business and at the height of his greatest production he had 28 agents and was making six figures as the owner of that company.

Seems impressive, eh?  Except the fact that he was destroying himself blowing $60K  worth of cocaine up his nose, alcohol, and other physical and spiritual abuses that he was heaping upon himself.  That all came crashing down six years ago when a humble Brazilian Pastor and his wife began to clean his home.  He was struck by the peace,  satisfaction, and joy they had though they were cleaning his toilets.  He had everything this world has to offer in material goods, yet no satisfaction.  Finally, he began to seek the Pastor, who ministered the truths of the Bible to him and over the course of time, he surrendered to Jesus.  This video is some of his testimony with what the Lord has put upon Jimmy’s heart about his old business being renewed to life for Jesus’ purposes and glory!



Back to his explanation to me of what he was doing for a living before becoming a Christian.  He told me that it was a very simple process of having agents that worked for his company go out and get telecom bills from small, medium, or large companies, and then send them to him to be analyzed.  Then within three to four days he would send back a proposal, the agent would get the signature from the company for a 10-35% savings on a three year contract.  This would lead to a residual income of 8% for the agent for the life of the contract.  At first, I didn’t get the whole residual thing.  But, in a nutshell it is work done one time which continues to pay benefits.  Good examples of this are:  an oil rig, writing a book or a song, or a patent on an idea or invention.  Wow!  I immediately thought this would be an answer for my prayers about the type of work that would meet all the parameters of my year long prayer requests!  Hallelujah!   Then I thought this would work great for any preacher who can follow the simple processes and begin to access residual income vs. linear income(usual 9-5 job).  Then as I explained all this to Jimmy, he realized the importance of bringing his old company back to new life for redeemed purposes!    That is where we are now in the process of bringing everything back to life for his old company.  However, this time it would not be for destruction of the devil, but for construction for Jesus’ glory and Kingdom to come!  I have seen the historical records of the company’s previous years income.  He is still reaping residuals that are comfortably providing for himself over six years later, though he really has not worked during that time. Now, he and I want to see this company brought back to life for redeemed purposes.  To serve our customers in a godly way, to serve the saints in training them how to earn a positive passive income, and provide greatly for those in desperate need overseas.  These are our primary missions at Global Mission Telecom to be  a driving resource engine for the pure, perfect, and undefiled religion that James spoke of in his epistle.

How can you help?  Please pray for us that we walk all of this out according to God’s will.  Help us by donating to Global Mission for Children 100% of all donations go straight to the mission field.  All of our staff with Global Mission for Children are volunteers and receive no wages or benefits.  As partners in the Global Mission Telecom business, Jimmy and I have committed that 50% of all of our gross profits will go directly to the GMFC ministry. We are asking a third party business accountant to oversee our books.  Our records will be transparent that our financial claims will be shown to be trustworthy.  Overseas, we are setting a standard for our mission stations to preach and teach all of God’s Word purely to the least of these.  We have a vision that as we endeavor to do that, God will use the native missionaries, widows, and orphans to raise up an army.  These that are least esteemed will go forth in power of the Holy Spirit to preach and teach the next generation in their country.  They will count the cost and go forward into the battle for the souls of their countrymen.  Though they have been rejected by the world, they are esteemed of God.  Seek the Lord to see if this opportunity might be right for you!  We are not asking you to quit your jobs. In fact, we recommend that you do this part time in the beginning. As the residual incomes begin to accumulate and you gain confidence, you will be motivated to make this your full time work.  Then as your portfolio builds you will be able to take more time off for preaching and ministering to your family at home.  This is not a multilevel marketing or some scheme to make money off of you.  We are a registered Limited Liability Corporation LLC in the state of FL, having done business since 1992.  Jimmy has decades of experience with this company to train us to overcome any obstacles or fears we may face.  Whatever you decide to join us or not, please follow the Lord’s leading.  We want God’s authority lifted up in all these matters.  Would you please share this article across the social medias?  It might just be an answer to prayers for another brother or sister, you never know.  We hope this testimony encourages the dear saints of the Lord, to keep praying and seeking to do His will in every area of your life.  May the Lord bless you as you seek to glorify His Son Jesus Christ,  who is worthy!





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11 responses to “Two Prayers and Two Labors for the Lord!

  1. SP

    We are SO humbled that the Lord is allowing us to participate in this endeavor as well. I wear the shirt that has the point on it about Godly women “helping the poor” from Proverbs 31. It has truly been on my heart for a long time to do more and have in times past worked with different organizations that I thought I could trust and wound up being disappointed so many times. This is ANSWERED PRAYER in so many ways! HALLELUJAH!!!


  2. I am in tears with pure JOY in my heart brother. I too have been praying for over 4 years on what to do and even tried to resurrect this business and another one in the past more than one time. The Lord did not allow this to happen as HE put obstacle after obstacle in front of me. Now, I could not be more sure, convicted by the Holy Spirit, that this partnership we formed is exactly what HE planned the entire time. The preachers I have talked to over the last week could not be more happy that an opportunity like this crossed their path. Peace and love to all who read, pray and participate. God bless.


  3. Pastor David

    I like this, brother. My wife and I are raising two children whose mother is bound by drugs and may be headed to prison. We have had them for 2 1/2 years and it looks as though we will raise them until adulthood. So, I can certainly see the need here you describe and understand the heart that you have for these orphans. I also have the same opinion about the foster system as we have dealt with that system until these kids came to us permanently. I think it is important for Christians to be balanced. Dealing with the hard core sinners we see on the streets can wear us down a bit over time and some compassionate ministry seems like a good balance to keep us going on the streets as well. God bless you, brother on this and I am pleased to hear that the Lord is giving you divine appointments in your daily life as well as on the streets. David Grisham


  4. This is great GBU brother


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