A Journal of the Lord’s Work

This blog is to journal our work for the Lord in the mission field, in our Jerusalem, and our home. We recently moved to Kentucky and I found a good fiction novel called, “The Long Road”. This fictional account of life on the frontier of America included accounts from Francis Asbury’s journal. He inspired me by his biblical methods of going into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Matt 16:15 Like John Wesley, Asbury preached in all sorts of places: courthouses, public houses, tobacco houses, fields, public squares, wherever a crowd assembled to hear him. For the remainder of his life he rode an average of 6000 miles each year, preaching virtually every day and conducting meetings and conferences. Under his direction, the church grew from 1,200 to 214,000 members and 700 ordained preachers.

Can you imagine riding that kind of mileage on horseback, through all kinds of difficult weather and terrain to minister to the lost? He would have had to average almost 17 miles per day with only 5 days off per year! Have you ever rode a horse for 17 miles? It is difficult to say the least, but Asbury disciplined himself to the task and the work.

This is my personal journal of what the Lord is doing with our work in His harvest field in order to encourage and exhort the body of Christ to get to the work while there is yet light for the lost to be found. We pray Luke 10:2 for the Lord to raise up a multitude of laborers for His glory and for the sake of sinners to be cleansed by the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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